• Desktop, Laptop or Tablet
  • Good Internet Connection

Why I highly recommend this program

When you sign up for my program I begin the extensive product research to find top selling products that are in demand.

This part is usually where beginners get stuck on and end up failing because of it. Trust me, I've made every single mistake in the book which is why this program will help you skip over all the trials and errors so you can get right to selling.

Once I find the best products I create a one of a kind professional store that will have a brand like feel to it which will make you realize how possible this truly is to achieve.

​My Virtual Class will be downloadable so you can start at your own pace.

The class will be continuously updated throughout the year so this means you will have lifetime access to it.

Something not a lot of people do.

About me

I've been dropshipping for 5 years. Once my first store blew up, I quit my job as a security guard and focused fully on dropshipping. I left Wisconsin and moved to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico by the beach. I've been generating multiple 6 figure stores ever since using the Shopify dropshipping model. If I can do this anyone can. My program will make you realize how capable it is to create your own successful online store.